Welcome to Royal Plus 皇家大麻

Royal Plus’s story is a classic story of East meets West. Our founders (one from the United States and the other from China) have been partnering together on business ventures for years. It wasn’t until one day over tea while David was in mainland China visiting his friend Peter, they were joking about getting older. The topics of joint pain and male enhancement were among the items discussed. They thought it was interesting that even though they were from different sides of the globe, they both perfectly related to each other on these subjects. That’s when they began to share their cultural perspectives on treatment, both natural Chinese medicine and American grown hemp. 

Peter described ”According to ancient Chinese texts, sex pertains to a female giving yin and receiving yang, and a male giving yang and receiving yin. In principle, it is an equal and harmonious libido exchange with equal benefit for both partners. Under normal conditions, our blood and qi essence circulate throughout the body to provide nourishment. During coitus, they gather in the genital area to support sexual functions.”

Western medicine, male enhancement problems are generally categorized under the heading of “erectile dysfunction”. David explained this to Peter and shared his knowledge of the supplements, both prescription and natural supplementation, like American grown hemp, that have been used to help treat it.

This is when an idea occurred that would help bring Royal Plus to life.

USA Grown Hemp 美國種植

Royal Plus produces highly innovative, natural, and effective hemp extract infused products using 99% pure extract derived from stems and stalks of industrial hemp. Our revolutionary formulas combine hemp extracts, such as full spectrum or CBD isolate, with powerful herbs, natural extracts, and essential oils to help aid in erectile dysfunction, stress and even pain or inflammation while promoting rejuvenation, and vibrancy*.

Royal Plus believes that choosing alternative solutions, like CBD, to medical conditions is the future to health, longevity, and wellbeing. Continuing down the path of prescribing over the counter drugs with copious amounts of negative side effects to help tame (not cure) medical conditions is not the key to the future. Royal Plus urges you to do your own research on CBD and other cannabinoids for your own personal understanding.